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Dr Simon Wilson offers vasectomy at Preston Family Medical in a safe, comfortable procedure – the Li No Scalpel vasectomy.

Vasectomy is a terrific option for those who have completed their need for family and are looking for worry-free sex without the hassle of contraception (condoms, the pill, withdrawal etc.).

The procedure is simple, aimed only at redirecting sperm so that pregnancy is prevented. All other aspects of sex are unaffected. Erections, sensation, orgasm and ejaculation fluid (cum) remain exactly the same after the procedure as they were before.

The result should be a much more fulfilling sex life for you.

The Process

At a consultation with the doctor, we discuss the benefits and risks of a vasectomy and then complete a brief examination of the testicles.

We ensure you understand that this is permanent. The decision to proceed is made with a good understanding of risks of the procedure. We also discuss financial consent so there are no cost surprises. We then book for the procedure.

On the day we perform the Li No Scalpel Vasectomy, designed to minimize pain and maximise success. Local anaesthetic is used, so you can eat on the day and drive yourself to and from the procedure if you wish.

After the procedure you will go home equipped with instructions for aftercare, a medical certificate, pain relief and instructions to rest. A vasectomy is all about quality, worry free sex so you can return to sex and physical activities later that week.

Sperm can live in the tubes above the divided tube so you will need to use back-up contraception for a further three months. At the end of that time you will then need to produce a semen sample at home and take it to the lab before we can give you the all clear to cease other contraceptives.

Risks of vasectomy

No medical procedure is without risk, but vasectomies are considered low-risk. The risks to be aware of are:

• Early pregnancy, because people forget to use contraception during the first three months afterward.

• A re-joining of the tubes, even if the procedure went perfectly on the day

• Bleeding and infection after the vasectomy. Rest and support reduce this risk.

• For the vast majority, pain will disappear within 1-2 weeks. a small number of men (0.5-1%) may feel longer term pain beyond 3 months.

Take the step towards more relaxed, worry free sex and book for a discussion about vasectomy.

All my information and videos are available over at the main website directaccessvasectomy.com