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Unplanned Pregnancy

Unplanned Pregnancy and Medical Termination


At Preston Family Medical we are comfortable talking about topics-like unplanned pregnancy & how to plan, with options of abortion, parenting and adoption.

Unplanned pregnancy is very common and it is estimated that one in two pregnancies in Australia are unplanned. As you can see from this diagram below created by Children by Choice, the most common outcome is parenting, followed by abortion, miscarriage and adoption.



Parenting is the most common result from an unplanned pregnancy. If this was your desire we are can discuss the early pregnancy time, what you can do for the health of you and your baby and what simple tests you could consider in early pregnancy. We can provide information on folate and iodine supplements, immunisation during pregnancy and share care between ourselves and the two large hospitals near us the Mercy and Northern as well as working in partnerships with local private obstetricians.


At Preston Family Medical we are confident in talking about abortion, also called termination of pregnancy and offer medical (tablet) termination up to nine weeks of pregnancy. Sometimes women need to discuss their options, however mostly they have made a decision and need factual advice and help accessing a medical or surgical termination. Both Dr Charlotte Knight and Simon Wilson offer tablet abortion at Preston Family Medical


Adoption is less and less common in Australia due to many factors like better support for single parents, less society pressure on single mothers and better access to abortion compared to decades ago. This is still a possibility however and we can help you talk to the social worker agencies that can discuss adoption further.

Unplanned pregnancy next steps

If you need to discuss these options with us, call or book online and we can be you support to discuss, provide information and make a plan to move forward with.

We offer dating of the pregnancy using ultrasound, can organise initial blood tests and if tablet abortion (Medical Termination) is the right choice for you can prescribe this. written by Dr Simon Wilson.