Pregnancy Care

What is pregnancy shared care?

Preston Family Medical offers Shared Care, which is antenatal pregnancy care, which is shared between your GP and the hospital. Shared care means that your GP is sharing the care with the hospital  where you will end up having your baby. Particularly, in these Covid19 times when the midwives and hospital doctors are seeing less and less women face to face, your GP is able to  provide the majority of your pregnancy care

Who offers shared care a Preston Family Medical?

Both Dr Cath Keaney and Dr Michelle Leadston have been offering shared care for 15-20 years, so we’ve got lots of experience with pregnancy.

At the moment, with the COVID-19 situation, the hospitals are encouraging patients to NOT go to the hospital as frequently. Usually, they would have about 3 or 4 visits at the hospital. Most of those are now going to be done with your GP. And so, we can see you once your pregnancy has been diagnosed, or we can help diagnose that, and a lot of the initial discussions can be done with Telehealth, either by phone or video, and we would just need to see you for a quick examination for blood pressure and a few other things.

We can organise any blood tests and scans that can be done either here or off-site, and then we arrange a referral to your hospital or obstetrician, if you did want to go privately. Then, we would see you a couple of times, physically, throughout the pregnancy. And, obviously, when you’re due to have your baby, you would go to the hospital, and we will then see you afterwards, for any support you need with the baby or breastfeeding. And also, at the 6-week check, for you and the baby, and also to give any vaccinations that are required.

So we’re happy to help and we’re happy to see new patients for Shared Care as well!

Thanks! Dr Michelle Leadston