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Mirena/IUD and Implanon

Preston Family Medical offers Mirena or copper IUD and implanon – book a consultation to discuss if this is the contraception for you.

There are many choices for contraception out there but the IUD (which stands for Intra-Uterine Device, meaning the contraceptive is inside the uterus/womb) is gaining in popularity. These methods are real set and forget methods – just there, working all the time without having to remember to take a tablet, use a condom or worry about safe times. There is a bit more to think about before trying it and there is a short procedure to place the IUD but after that there can be 5-10 years of contraception.

We would mostly place the Mirena IUD for people, a modern version of the IUD that releases a small amount of the hormone progestogen, only enough to affect the lining of the uterus. Kyleena is a slightly small version of the Mirena which lasts for three years which may be easier to place in people who have not given birth. There are two copper IUD available in Australia, the TT380 which lasts for up to ten years and the Copper Multiload which lasts for five.

There is lots of great information out there about the IUD to try and decide if it is the right choice for you and of course your GP is happy to discuss.

The Mirena IUD is not just for contraception, but may be suggested where it can help with endometriosis or very heavy periods.

The Implanon is a rod that can be placed under the skin of the upper arm and provides contraception for three years. This is also a real set and forget option that is also very effective.

Mirena IUD
The Mirena IUD in a soft plastic. The Kyleena is slightly smaller.

Dr Michelle Leadston and Dr Annu Raty offer IUD placement so call to book an initial appointment with them. All doctors will place or remove the Implanon for you.